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Defining the Board Shape in Altium Designer | Altium Designer User Manual | Documentation

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Objects placed on the Keepout layer create a keepout on all signal layers.

Altium designer 17 redefine board shape free

You can also define other routing and component keepouts areas for mechanical objects such as screw heads, or other mounting requirements. Rigid-Flex is under active development. The Board Shape is created from one or more Board Regions. Printer-friendly version. Objects placed on this layer define a no-crossing-allowed boundary for components and routing. Refer to the Board Shape object to learn more.


Altium designer 17 redefine board shape free.Designing a Rigid-Flex PCB in Altium Designer

The Board Shape can be made up of a single Board Region (for a traditional rigid PCB) or multiple board regions (for a rigid-flex PCB). This page details the PCB Board Shape object – a closed polygonal shape The shape can be resized, or redefined, in a variety of ways.


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