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Click Edit Layout in the layout bar. Click to create a field 5.


New features in FileMaker Pro 15.Free FileMaker User Guide, Download Instruction Manual and Support


All Rights Reserved. The file folder logo is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

FileMaker documentation is copyrighted. You are not authorized to make additional copies or distribute this documentation without written permission from FileMaker.

You may use this documentation solely with a valid licensed copy of FileMaker software. All persons, companies, addresses, and URLs listed in the filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free are purely fictitious and any resemblance to existing persons, перейти, addresses, or URLs is purely coincidental.

Credits are listed in the Acknowledgements documents provided with this software. Mention of third-party products and URLs is for informational purposes only and constitutes neither an endorsement nor a recommendation. FileMaker, Inc. For more information, visit our website at Edition: This tutorial shows you how you can manage your information in FileMaker Pro. Filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free will learn how to use FileMaker Pro software to: 1 locate and sort information 1 create and enter records in a simple database 1 create mailing labels 1 create calculations, buttons, and scripts 1 create and run reports 1 display data graphically in a chart 1 create relationships between FileMaker Pro database tables 1 learn how files can be with other users on your network or over the internet 1 protect information in your database by assigning user accounts and privilege sets and by backing up your databases It takes approximately five hours to complete this tutorial, which can be done in one session or several shorter sessions.

How to use this tutorial These lessons are based on the membership database of a fictitious travel firm, The Corporate Travelers Club. Corporate travelers who filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free members of this club save their businesses money on travel costs, and the club s expenses are offset by an annual membership fee.

FileMaker Pro is used to track the members names, addresses, and membership status, as well as to generate labels and form letters filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free contact members. You must complete these lessons sequentially, as concepts introduced in early lessons are assumed to be understood in later lessons. The sample file that you work in progresses through the lessons.

This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with your computer s operating system. Opening files, locating folders, and other activities that require some knowledge of your computer s OS are a necessary part of completing this tutorial. Because using FileMaker Pro is the most effective way to learn the application, each lesson features a handson activity designed to guide you through menus, screens, and concepts step by step.

The file included with this tutorial is intended to illustrate the вот ссылка of FileMaker Pro, and as such, might be unsuitable for use as a template for further development. Note Some procedures refer перейти using a shortcut menu. To display a shortcut context menuright-click an object or area to see a list of commands.

If the mouse for your Mac computer doesn t have multiple buttons, Control-click to display the shortcut menu. On the Mac, you can change your mouse configuration in System Preferences. To send your feedback on this guide, see.

If you need to start over, replace your existing sample file with a new copy. A database is a method of organizing and analyzing information.

You ve probably used several databases recently without realizing it. A date book, a parts list, and even your own address book are databases. Why use a database? Storing information in a database file has many benefits. A database doesn t just hold information it helps you organize and analyze the information in different ways. For example, databases allow you to group information for reports, sort information for mailing labels, count your inventory, or quickly find a particular invoice.

Computerized databases offer many additional advantages over their paper-based counterparts: speed, reliability, precision, and the ability to automate many repetitive tasks. How is a database organized? A database file is organized into one or tables. Tables store records. Each record is a collection of fields. Filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free your address book is a FileMaker Pro database file.

Each listing in your address book is one record in an Address Book table. Each record has information, such as name, address, city, and so on. Each of these pieces of information name, address, and city is stored in a separate field. How is field data displayed? FileMaker Pro displays fields on layouts.

Each layout is based on a single table, and displays records from that table. Imagine that your database has a Tasks table in addition to the Address Book table. A layout based on the Address Book table will display fields and records from the Address Book table. A layout based on the Tasks table will display fields and records from the Tasks table. Unlike most word processing or spreadsheet programs, FileMaker Pro saves your work automatically. Consequently, it s important to carefully consider your actions when making sweeping changes to your files, especially when deleting records.

Once records are deleted, they are completely removed from your database. As you will learn in lesson 14, you should back up your files on a regular basis. Backups can save you many hours of unnecessary work and worry in the event that your files become lost or damaged, or records are inadvertently deleted. After you have opened a database, you can switch from one mode to another using either the View menu, buttons in the filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free toolbar and layout bar, or the mode pop-up menu at the bottom of the application window.

Use buttons in the status toolbar and layout bar to switch modes Use the mode pop-up menu to switch modes For more information For more information on FileMaker Pro basic concepts, see chapters 1 and 2 in the FileMaker Pro User s Guide. You can also find comprehensive information about procedures and concepts увидеть больше FileMaker Pro Help. This is the simplest way to interact with your database.

In this lesson you will: 1 open a database with data already in it 1 move between records 1 view information in different ways by switching layouts 1 see the difference between Form View, List View, and Table View 1 explore the status toolbar 1 save a copy of the database Open filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free database and move between records To open the sample database: 1. Open the Tutorial folder on your hard drive. For the tutorial folder location, see chapter 1, Where to find the sample file.

Open Sample. Notice: 1 The database is in Browse mode. FileMaker Pro defaults to Browse mode when a database is opened. The first record is displayed. Click the right page of the book icon to move forward one record at a time, and click the left page to move backward one record at a time.

Drag the slider to the right and release to move forward a number of records at one time. Drag the slider to the left and release to move backward a number of records. You can also click the current record number, type the record number you want, then press Enter Windows or Return Mac OS to go to a specific record in the database.

Tip The Records menu also provides commands to move between records. View information in different ways Even though you enter information only once in FileMaker Pro, you filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free use that information in many ways. Layouts let you view some or all of your fields. Because it is not necessary to see all of your fields in each layout, layouts are a powerful tool for working with or printing just the information you need to accomplish a particular task.

We value your business and нажмите сюда the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions about your reservations, please call us we want you to be satisfied with your cruise. Sincerely, John Lee The same data can be arranged differently with multiple layouts See a different layout To see some layouts in action, use the file you just opened.

Click the Layout filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free menu, located in the layout bar. A list appears showing the layouts available in this file. Layout pop-up menu 2. Notice the check mark next to the Data Entry layout, your current layout. The Data Entry layout shows most of the fields in the Members table. Choose the Club List layout from the Layout pop-up menu. This filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free shows each record as one нажмите чтобы узнать больше in a columnar list.

Notice that the Club List layout contains only four of the fields that were present in the Data Entry layout. Because fewer fields are present on this layout, some data is simply not displayed.

However, no data has been removed from the database. The Club List layout displays only four of the fields present on the Data Entry layout 4. Go to the Layout pop-up menu and return to the Data Entry layout. No data has been lost. View your layouts as forms, lists, and tables You can view your layouts in three different ways: as a form, as a list, and as a table.

In the sample file, switch to the Erd windows 10 download List layout. You see many records, displayed as a list. Click Form View in the layout bar. You now see a single record, displayed in the same layout. Only the viewing option has changed.

Click Table View in the layout bar. The View as Table feature allows you to view many records at once filemaker pro 15 advanced user guide free a grid. Click List View in the layout bar to return to List View.


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New Features Guide for FileMaker Pro 15 and FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced FileMaker Pro 15 Script Steps Reference (English only). User Manual: filemaker FileMaker Pro 15 – Installation and New Features Guide Free And New Features Guide For Pro 15 Advanced File Maker Fmp15 Install.

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