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Aspect Ratio. Allows you to select Portrait, Landscape, or Auto orientation for the application. When Auto is selected along with Auto orientation, the application launches on the device depending on its current orientation. Auto orientation. Allows the application to switch from portrait to landscape mode, depending on the current orientation of the device.

This setting is deselected by default. Allows you to specify which method the AIR runtime uses to render graphic content. The options include:. Processor : Allows you to select the processor type of the devices that you are publishing the application for.

The supported processor types are ARM and Intel x Support for x86 processors is available since the Animate Included Files. Specifies which additional files and folders to include in your application package. To delete a file or folder from your list, select the file or folder and click the Minus – button. By default, the application descriptor file and the main SWF file are automatically added to the package list.

The package list displays the files and folders in a flat structure. Files in a folder are not listed, and full paths to files are shown but are truncated if necessary. If you have added any AIR native extension files to the ActionScript library path, those files will appear in this list as well.

Icon files are not included in the list. When Animate packages the files, it copies the icon files to a temporary folder that is relative to the location of the SWF file. Exporting and publishing animate content to an OAM format. Within the Poster Image section, select one of the following options:. Select Generate from current frame PNG to generate from the contents of the current frame. Creating OAMs with a transparent background for canvas document types. Open the Canvas document you wish to export.

Click Publish. Launch Animate. For example:. On the Deployment tab, provide the Certificate and Password. Click OK to finish. Browse to your application on the iOS Simulator, and click to launch. Browse to your application on iOS Simulator, and click to launch. Limit the use of global variables, because they are not marked for garbage collection if the movie clip that defined them is removed.

Avoid using the standard user interface components available in the Components panel in Flash. These components are designed to run on desktop computers and are not optimized to run on mobile devices. Avoid referencing nonexistent variables, objects, or functions. Compared to the desktop version of Flash Player, Flash Lite 2 looks up references to nonexistent variables slowly, which can significantly affect performance.

Avoid defining functions using anonymous syntax. For example, myObj. Minimize the use of Math functions and floating-point numbers. Calculating these values slows performance.

If you must use the Math routines, consider precalculating the values and storing them in an array of variables. Retrieving the values from a data table is much faster than having Flash calculate them at run time. Flash Lite regularly clears from memory any objects and variables that a file no longer references.

This is known as garbage collection. Although you cannot control how and when Flash Lite performs garbage collection, you can still free unneeded memory deliberately. For timeline or global variables, use the delete statement to free the memory that ActionScript objects use. This frees the memory that the object uses, provided there are no other references to that object.

The following two code examples show how to free memory that objects use by deleting the variable that references those objects.

The examples are identical, except that the first example creates a timeline variable and the second creates a global variable. Instead, set the variable reference to null , which has the same effect as using delete. When developing files for mobile devices, minimize the amount of data you attempt to load at one time. This situation can occur even if the total amount of remaining memory is sufficient. In this case, Flash Lite displays an error message to the user, indicating that not enough memory is available.

To load large amounts of data, group the data in smaller pieces—for example, in several XML files—and make several data-loading calls for each piece. The size of each piece of data, and therefore the number of data-loading calls you need to make, varies by device and file.

To determine an appropriate balance between the number of data requests and the likelihood of a memory failure, test files on a variety of target devices. For optimum performance, avoid loading and parsing XML files if possible. To reduce the size of a SWF file, consider excluding classes from compilation but retaining the ability to access and use them for type checking. For example, try this if you are developing a file that uses multiple SWF files or shared libraries, especially those that access many of the same classes.

Excluding classes helps avoid duplicating classes in those files. Add as many as required for the file. For example, the following XML file excludes the mx. UIObject and mx. Slide classes from the SWF file:. Extra fees or membership charges can apply. Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. User Guide Cancel. October Minimum system requirements for Animate.



Adobe animate cc and mobile device packaging free

Follow these instructions to build, test, debug, and deploy AIR apps for the iOS platform using Animate. Use this page to find information regarding system requirements and language versions for Adobe Animate. oam) animated widget files. The OAM files generated from Animate can be placed in other Adobe applications such as Dreamweaver, Muse, and.


Adobe animate cc and mobile device packaging free

Animate allows you to publish content for Adobe® AIR™ for Android. This article describes configuring the AIR for Android publish settings. The content about Flash Lite is not applicable for Flash CC and higher versions. Flash Lite guidelines for animation in mobile devices. When. Adobe Animate CC (Adobe Animate CC and Mobile Device Packaging CC ) is a software that allows website designers to create.

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